Outside Fireproof Deck Protector

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【PROFESSIONAL HEAT-RESISTANT FIRE PIT MAT】: With 3-Layer Fire Protection Fabrics, our FIREPROOF GRILL MAT / GROUND FIRE PIT MAT can withstand temperatures as high as 1800 F. The 1st layer is Aluminum Fiberglass Fabric that REFLECTS up to 95% of HEAT from your fire pit or grill. The 2nd layer is Thermal Insulation Cotton and it ISOLATES HEAT to slow down its transfer. The 3rd layer is silicone coated NON-ITCHY Fiberglass that provides the Ultimate Fire Protection for any patio, deck, or lawn.
【PROTECT DECK & OUTDOOR AREAS】 : Our OUTDOOR FIRE PIT PAD is a safe, heat-resistant fire pit mat for stone, wood, brick, concrete, grass, metal and other surfaces. This reliable outdoor PATIO FIRE PIT MAT was designed to prevent Burning, Melt Marks, Heat Damage & Grease Spills on grass and deck, to prevent damage to your yard and property. A NON-SLIP Silicone Coated Fiberglass Layer keeps the FIRE-RESISTANT MAT securely in place to protect any flat surface.
【VERSATILE FOR FIRE PITS, GRILLS, SMOKER】: With the PERFECT LARGER SIZE, our 36 INCH round fire pit mat works under fire pits, smokers, and grills of all sizes. NOTICE: Our fire mat deck protector is only suitable for fire pits with LEGS, maintaining at least 2" of space between the bottom of fire pit and shiny side of the ember protection mat. Also, the REFLECTIVE Aluminum side should always face up, when positioning our FIRE MAT under your fire pit , deep fryer, grill, or smoker, for the ABSOLUTE BEST patio and lawn protection.
【PORTABLE, DURABLE, WATERPROOF】: Its LIGHTWEIGHT & FOLD-ABLE/ROLL-ABLE design allows you to conveniently carry Our FIREPROOF DECK MAT to parties, campgrounds, picnics, barbecues and just about anywhere. Also, our fire pit base is WATERPROOF due to its Silicone-Coated and Aluminum Fiberglass Layers, which can easily be CLEANED after use. Additionally, the top quality fiberglass layers & the fire-retardant threading for the seams, make our fireproof deck mat DURABLE, to be used for years.