Sports Equipment Resistance Bands Loop

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100% brand new and high quality

Material: Natural Latex
Made from 100% pure natural latex which has high elasticity, good film forming characteristics and is very flexible.
Use advanced manufacturing processes named Nine-layer Tape Casting Method.
Simple, fast, and effective workout.
A great fitness equipment for flexibility and strength training, such as CrossFit, Pull Ups, Power Lifting, Stretching and other exercises.
It will increase more personal pleasure in your exercise sessions, compared with traditional fitness way.
Best choice for athletes, a variety of sport fans and most body builders at most fitness lever.
Size color
208*0.64*0.45cm yellow
208*1.3*0.45cm red
208*1.9*0.45cm green
208*2.1*0.45cm black
208*3.2*0.45cm purple

Product Type: Looped Resistance Band
Process Technique: Nine-layer Tape Casting Method
Suitability: For athletes, sports fans and most body builders.
Packing include:
1*Looped Resistance Band